The Mission of the Bucknell University Association for the Arts

Our mission is to enhance the educational experience of Bucknell students by supplementing the University's ongoing budget support of essential artistic opportunities and by advocating for the arts' central role in the University's curriculum, students' out-of-class experience, and Bucknell's public profile.

Association for the Arts Advisory Board

The advisory board advises, promotes, and proactively supports programs in the creative and performing arts, including music, literature, and the visual arts.

To this end, the advisory board engages students, alumni, faculty members, administrators, as well as external constituents, in activities and initiatives that enhance the student's experience in the arts at Bucknell as well as in careers in the arts.


  • The Bucknell University Association for the Arts Advisory Board meets once a year on campus, during Spring Arts Weekend (April).  Conference calls and other remote meetings are held as needed throughout the year.

Primary focuses:

  • Complete revised organizational structure to support revised advisory board charter
  • Recruit additional board members to support areas of focus, including fund raising/ development initiatives
  • Begin expansion and increased arts events in the alumni community to bring awareness to Bucknell and the arts, as well as the Association for the Arts
  • Support initiatives to support career panels and/or mentoring of students pursuing careers in the arts