How do I make arrangements for a campus visit?

If you are a prospective student needing assistance and are planning to visit Bucknell University, contact Admissions at (570) 577-3000 to request the accommodations that are needed for your visit. Admissions will be responsible for communicating your needs to other campus offices prior to your visit. When you arrive at Bucknell, campus maps will be available in the kiosks at the main campus entrances.

If you are planning to arrive on campus during non-business hours, please contact the Bucknell University switchboard at (570) 577-2000.

How accessible is the Bucknell University campus and its resources?

Bucknell is committed to providing access to services and reasonable accommodations to all who visit, work, and study on campus. We want members of the Bucknell University community and their guests to feel at home and take advantage of the services that we offer.

Most campus buildings are accessible by handicapped ramps, have handicapped parking and are equipped with ADA-compliant restrooms. Many campus buildings are also equipped with power-assisted doors. The Housing Services Office provides various, but limited, housing options for undergraduate students who require wheelchair-access or other barrier-free living arrangements. Campus computer labs and the Library & IT /Bertrand Library building have microcomputers equipped with software and hardware that will accommodate different learning needs.

To find out more about campus accessibility for students visit the following pages.

Living Accommodations


Library and Information Technology

How do I document my disability?

It is the responsibility of the student to provide documentation of a disability to the Medical Director of the Student Health Service or the Academic Dean of the student's college. If the student has not been diagnosed with a disability, but suspects that there is a problem, the student should consult with staff at either the Student Health Service or Psychological Services. Professionals in these offices can help the student to identify the various options available for diagnostic evaluation.

For accommodations to be made, the student must provide verification that is certified and provided by a licensed professional who is qualified to diagnose and identify the student's individual disability. The documentation should reflect the student's present level of functioning in the life activity that is affected by their disability. For more information, please see the Documentation section.

Who should be contacted if I have an academic concern?

Contact should be made with the appropriate Associate Dean of your college. The dean should be provided with written documentation concerning your diagnosis (see Documentation section) and professors should be notified of your need for accommodations, including any concerns that you have with coursework. For more information, please see the Where to Start section.

Who should be contacted if I have a non-academic concern?

The Associate Dean of Students should be contacted if you have a non-academic concern, such as housing accommodations or campus accessibility. For more information, please see the Where to Start section.

Are tutors available to assist me with my coursework?

Some faculty may enlist graduate students or other students to assist you. Peer tutoring is available in writing as well as in some mathematics and science courses. You should also contact the Writing Center for information about peer tutoring.

Is designated staff available to assist students with disabilities?

Bucknell University is committed to providing a strong support system for students with disabilities, but there are no special classes or a remedial specialist on staff. Bucknell University is committed to ensuring "reasonable accommodations" to all students who are diagnosed with disabilities (Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992).

How do I make special arrangements for living accommodations on campus?

The Housing Services Office offers various, but limited housing options for undergraduate students who require wheelchair-access or other barrier-free living arrangements. Special needs will be reviewed and accommodated on a case-by-case basis while considering of the availability of housing space. All inquiries should be referred to the Associate Dean of Students at (570) 577-1195. For more information about campus housing, see the Living Accommodations section.

Are any of the Bucknell University auditoriums equipped with hearing-impaired devices?

Several campus rooms and auditoriums are equipped with systems for the hearing impaired. For a full list, please see the Equipment section.

How accessible are Bucknell University's campus computers?

All campus teaching and open computer labs have text-enlargement software that is native to Windows 2000 and are equipped with word processing, spreadsheet and other commonly used software. Individual computer training or assistance can be requested by contacting Equipment & Classroom Services at or by calling (570) 577-7733.

The Library & IT/Bertrand Library has wheelchair-accessible computer workstations equipped with text-enlargement (ZoomText), screen-reading software (JAWS), and computer hardware that will accommodate different learning needs. For more information, please see the following sections.

Library and Information Technology


Who is the contact for faculty and staff accommodations?

Faculty and staff who need accommodations due to a disability should first contact their department chair or unit heads for assistance. Human Resources at Bucknell University will be able to assist any faculty or staff member with special needs. Contact Human Resources at (570) 577-1631.


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