Vying for victory in the Bucknell Magazine coloring contest, 266 contenders sent their custom renditions of the bison our way. Many of you sent fascinating backstories — three entrants colored their way to recuperation, two from surgery, one from a concussion. Four fourth-grade students of Teach for America corps member Margaret Hoerner '14 entered, as did alumnae from the 1940s, a 43-year-old man with Down syndrome and family combos.

Designer Josie Fertig and Editor Sherri Kimmel winnowed the entries to 20 child and 20 adult finalists; Chief Communications Officer Andy Hirsch helped make the final cut. Avid colorists Deb Slade '73 and Barnes & Noble employee Debbie Sheets then had the audacious task of picking our two winners, Kathryn Neuman Rudo '76, P'13 and Tanna Eldon-Everts, daughter of Carol Eldon '89.