Common Ground is a five day student-led retreat dedicated to exploring topics relating to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender in order to build acceptance in the Bucknell community.

Common Ground equips leaders with the tools to actively and thoughtfully promote respect and understanding of others in their communities.

Over fall break, we will participate in activities and discussions that will help us to explore race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, socioeconomic class, ability, among others.

Common Ground Pile
Common Ground night

What Students Say about Common Ground

"They said it was life-changing. Now I believe them. CG 2014 <3"

-Anushikha Sharma '18

"That time at Common Ground when a dog ran out of nowhere and started playing soccer with us."

-Dominique Ruszcala '17

"The things that make us feel the most alone, have the greatest power to connect us...It was just such an incredible experience!! Terrifying yet liberating..hard not to express it to the world!"

-Yash Bhutwala '17

"Just got back from Common Ground, a phenomenal program I would highly recommended to every Bucknell student. It has really allowed me to sympathize in a way I could never have anticipated and is one of the most direct challenges to prejudice that I have ever seen."

-Greg Wolf '17

"These last 5 phoneless days have been far beyond fab! I not only met amazing people, but individuals who I can call friends. I feel so blessed! I haven't felt this way since being in LA. Common Ground is a total life changing experience . I love you all. <3"

-Maribel Lopez '17

"Probably just had the most amazing break I have ever had. Time to go into reflection mode..."

-Julius Kakwenzire '16

"CG, you have definitely left a mark on my heart. I love you guys, and just know that no matter what, we'll always be family. <3"

-Anthony Le '16

"I don't even know where to begin with explaining how absolutely amazing this weekend was. Common Ground was beautiful, powerful, meaningful, and inspiring and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything in the world...And to all the participants, thank you for being so open, honest, brave, and strong. I learned more from you these past five days than I ever thought possible. I hope you continue to grow, learn, and find Common Ground with everyone you encounter."

-Taylan Stulting '16

"I know we are all scared to be back and away from the safe space we have created. We cried. We laughed. We hugged. We listened to each other reveal our deepest secrets and insecurities to people we just met in a dark room illuminated only by candlelight. We have reflected and discussed and changed our perspectives. Do not forget the knowledge you have gained or the people whose hands you held in support. It's hard to explain the bond we have created or even the experience we have had together. I love you all."

-Nicole Srbin '16

"And yet another amazing Common Ground experience. Common Ground was absolutely amazing. So thankful for the life changing experience and all of the people that were there. :)"

-Tori Robinson '15

"Finally caught up and recovered from the intense and emotional, but absolutely amazing Common Ground Weekend. After three years, I think I am finally learning how to step back and listen to others, and it has opened my eyes to just as much as the first year I did Common Ground. Watching yet another group of students come together to develop the skills needed to tackle the immense issues of social justice while fostering bonds that will last for years was truly a privilege. I am so proud of the new CG fam, and incredibly happy I could be a part of making the whole thing happen."

-Alexander Vining '14

"Once again Common Ground struck me to my core and fulfilled my with tons of love and hope. Thank you to each participant, speaker, and staff member for making this experience so memorable. Luv u all!"

-Ana Silva '13

"I wish every day could be like CG..."

-Matt Tilford '12


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