Bucknell's faculty, staff and students work with organizations, businesses and individuals across the Greater Susquehanna River Valley on a range of projects that have mutually beneficial results. Some projects enhance learning at the University or in the community, while others support education, service or other civic organizations, businesses, science or technology in the region.

Below are key contacts if you want to explore partnerships with Bucknell:

Dennis Swank, associate vice president for finance
570.577.3363 | dennis.swank@bucknell.edu
Dennis serves is the main campus contact for individuals, businesses, organizations or municipalities that would like to explore new partnerships with Bucknell. He is also the main campus contact for partnerships involving Bucknell financial investments.

Dan Remley, assistant director of housing services
570.577.1195 | dan.remley@bucknell.edu
Dan works with Lewisburg organizations on issues related to downtown student housing.

Scott Rosevear, vice president for development and alumni relations
570.577.3200 | scott.rosevear@bucknell.edu
Scott helps local organizations seeking guidance on fundraising in the community.

Amy Badal, dean of students
570.577.1601 | amy.badal@bucknell.edu
Amy is the main campus contact for student-community interactions.

Amy Foerster, general counsel
570.577.1601 | amy.foerster@bucknell.edu
Amy helps the university manage legal issues associated with town-gown partnerships.

Steven Stumbris, director, Small Business Development Center
570.577.1249 | sbdc@bucknell.edu
The Small Business Development Center provides entrepreneurs with the education, information, and consulting services they need to build successful businesses.