(effective August 1, 2004)

Tuition and room fees
will be credited to students’ accounts who give written notification of withdrawal from the university, subject to the conditions which follow. The date of receipt of the written notice by the Office of the Registrar will be considered the official date of withdrawal. No credit of tuition or room fees will be made after the midpoint of the term or semester. No refund will be made if academic credit is earned. Prior to the midpoint of the term or semester, tuition and room fees will be credited as follows:

Timing of Withdrawal

Amount of Tuition and Room Fees Credit

Prior to 1st day of classes

100% Credit

From 1st day of classes through the mid-point of the term or semester

The amount of credit issued will be reduced by two weeks of tuition and room fees for each week, or partial week, completed.

After the mid-point of the term or semester

No credit will be issued

The student fees will be credited, in full, in the case of voluntary withdrawal prior to the 1st day of classes. No portion of the fees will be credited after classes begin.

For students suspended or dismissed for disciplinary reasons, the University will not issue credit for tuition or room fees.

Active Duty Withdrawal: Students who must withdraw because they are called to active duty and who receive no academic credit for the semester will receive a full tuition refund. If academic credit is awarded, the refund will be prorated according to the amount of that academic credit. The student fees will also be credited in full, and room fees will be credited based on the number of unused days.

Board charges are credited on the basis of the unused portion of a board contract for all withdrawals, suspensions, and dismissals. Board charge credits are subject to a forfeit fee not to exceed $50.

For off-campus or summer programs, there will be no credit for the cost of personal services, travel expenses, supplies, or services furnished by outside contractors, which have been used prior to withdrawal or for which no credit is available to the university.

For students other than full-time undergraduate students, the "100% Credit" period will extend through the end of the last day of the formal drop/add period.