The digital signs on campus target either the on-campus audience or campus visitors. Bucknell has invested in campus-wide software, called Visix Software, for managing digital signs. This software

  • ensures that we are presenting Bucknell in a consistent and high-quality way
  • provides flexibility in managing content to departments using the signs
  • makes the process of updating content easy and efficient
  • allows inclusion of University-wide content, such as news and events, on all or most signs
  • displays emergency information on all signs as needed
  • ensures that the right equipment is purchased to meet the goals of each digital sign

While there are many digital screens on campus, not all of them are "digital signs." Some of those screens/monitors are only for classroom use or for a specific performance or event. These signs are not part of this policy. The digital signs covered by Visix and the process described below are used to communicate primarily for information purposes to visitors or on-campus audiences through digitaized text and graphics. These signs include, for example, those in the LC Mall, the sign in the entry to Dana Engineering, and the kiosk between the library and Vaughn Literature building.

If you would like to add a digital sign in a specific space on campus, please use this page as a guide for requesting the equipment, wiring and content development needed for a particular sign.


  1. To request a new sign, please fill out the Digital Signage Request Form. To fill out this form, you will need:

    • name of the supervisor, director, department chair, or dean who has given approval for this request
    • a content strategy (Communications will gladly help you develop a content strategy; contact or call  x73122)
    • a staff member identified as taking responsibility for monitoring and updating the sign
    • a budget (more on this later; costs will vary widely depending on the scope of the request)
    • specific information about the size, orientation, and location of the proposed sign. Prior to submitting this form, you may want to contact Facilities and L&IT for a consultation. This will help you determine whether this request requires you to address wiring or networking issues, and what size sign you may need. You may fill  this form out before resolving all these matters, but before the sign would be installed would have to complete the form.
    • a decisions on whether an interactive sign is necessary. For the purposes of this request, "interactive" means a "touch" screen in which the viewer literally touches the screen to select new content. Touch screens are more expensive than non-touch digital screens, and rarely are needed to accomplish most signage goals. If you believe a touch screen is needed, you must also fill out the Interactive Touch Screen Request Form.

  2. Your request will be reviewed by a task force of staff from Communications, L&IT, and Facilities. We may discuss with you if a new digital sign is the best solution for your communications needs and will help manage any new sign(s) in coordination with other digital signs on campus, including  being environmentally responsible since there are obvious energy costs connected to each digital sign. The task force will respond to your request within 10 working days.

  3. If your request is approved, Facilities and L&IT will help with the particular siting, location, wiring, equipment, security, and other technical aspects of sign installation (Facilities: Jeff Loss – or x1911; L&IT: Mike Pursley – or x3490), and Digital Communications will work with the designated staff member in your area to make sure that a template exists to meet your content strategy, and to arrange for training on the Visix software to manage the digital sign.