October 2014

A Message from Keith Buffinton, Dean of Engineering

In the spring of this year, the College of Engineering adopted a new strategic plan. As part of the development of the plan, a group of faculty, staff, and students looked at the College from many points of view and brainstormed the distinctive elements of a Bucknell engineering education. In the end, we identified five themes that rose above the others, and interestingly enough, all began with the letter “I”. The “5-I’s”, as they have come to be referred to, are: Immerse in Engineering, Integrate across Boundaries, Innovate for the Future, Inspire our Students, and Impact the World. We provide an environment for our students that gives them engineering experiences in many different forms both within and outside of the classroom. We encourage students to cross disciplinary, geographic, and cultural boundaries in their learning. We strive to develop within our students a creative and innovative approach to problem solving. Our faculty and staff work incredibly closely with our students to help them identify and achieve their educational passions. And we emphasize to our students that they are part of the broad world way beyond Bucknell and stress that living within that world in a sustainable and ethical way should be a guiding principle for their lives. This latest edition of our College newsletter provides illustrations of these themes in action, such as Greg Danchik '15 and his work with Prof. Eric Kennedy in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Greg is clearly immersing himself in engineering in a way that reaches beyond Bucknell in creating new knowledge that will have a real impact on the health and safety of children, potentially worldwide, by working closely with a dedicated Bucknell faculty member. Greg is just one example of our students who is experiencing a transformative education in the College of Engineering. We are proud to say there are hundreds more currently on campus and joining our distinguished alumni every year.

Students Immersed in Engineering

With more than 200,000 emergency room visits per year, there is still plenty of room for improvement when it comes to playground safety.

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A Crash Course in Fabrication

It was Aug. 21, the day before first-year students moved in, and the Bucknell University campus was enjoying a final peaceful summer day before the bustle of another academic year returned — save for a tiny corner across Route 15.

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Summer Research: Revealing a Riverbed

How do you mount a scanner at the correct depth on a moving boat to get undisturbed images of the Susquehanna River bed? Figuring that out is part of river research, as Tucker Cottrell '16 has discovered this summer.  

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