The College of Engineering ECLIPSE program was established to capture the series of separate but related initiatives and activities sponsored by the Bucknell Engineering Alumni Association (BEAA) in support of the College of Engineering.  ECLIPSE is an acronym that stands for "Enterprising connections linking industry, programs, students, and engineering alumni", an accurate description of the valuable activities of the BEAA.   

The BEAA has been in existence for over 50 years, and in 2001, the BEAA began a new era in supporting the College of Engineering through a student-centered commitment to develop direct connections with engineering students and faculty. 

The ECLIPSE Program provides an overarching identity to the many connections linking our engineering alumni and their industries to the engineering students and faculty at Bucknell including the following:

Engineering alumni connections with students, faculty, and programs

  • Field trip opportunities
  • Engineering alumni guest speakers
  • Off-campus educational facilities tours and networking events with the BEAA and Bucknell Clubs
  • Annual engineering alumni meetings with academic department faculty
  • Engineering Student Research Symposia
  • Homecoming Weekend alumni and family events
  • Reunion Weekend alumni and family events
  • College of Engineering Celebration Dinner and Junior Class Induction into the BEAA

Alumni-student events with a professional and career focus

  • Alumni connections for first-year engineering students
  • Engineering Career Network event
  • Alumni engineering internship development
  • Full-time employment opportunities, networking, and connections with alumni


  • Women in Engineering program
  • Engineering Admissions program

National Engineers Week

  • Student competitions, events, and awards
  • Engineering celebration dinner for students, alumni, faculty, and staff
  • Annual Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award

Bucknell Engineering Alumni Association (BEAA)

  • Bucknell Engineering Alumni Association Board of Directors conduct three meetings each year
  • Engineering students serve on the BEAA Board of Directors
  • BEAA focus on educational enrichment, networking, and employment opportunities for students

The College of Engineering ECLIPSE program is a team effort of the College of Engineering, the BEAA, and the offices of Alumni Relations, Admissions, and the Career Development Center.  The Bucknell Alumni Association provides funding for several of these initiatives.