The Office of Civic Engagement would like to introduce you to our newest member. Flat Bucky is based off the children's book Flat Stanley and the Flat Stanley Project. In the book Stanley is "flattened" when his bulletin board falls on him and then his parents mail him around the world in an envelope. School children have mailed Flat Stanley's to their friends and family and have gotten to see him travel around the world in photographs.

With the appearance of Flat Bucky we hope to increase the visibility of service work and civic engagement and to celebrate the great work Bucknellians are doing in Lewisburg and around the world. We hope to show the depth and breadth of what Bucknellians are doing in their communities.

Take Flat Bucky on Your Service Experience

The Office of Civic Engagement would like any Bucknellians who are doing service to take Flat Bucky with them and take their photo and send it into us. We will then put appropriate photos on our Facebook page and website. If you are interested in taking Flat Bucky with you on a service experience please contact the Office of Civic Engagement and we will make one available to you.