Initiating a long-term, comprehensive review of all policies in the Staff Handbook helps us ensure that practices governing work at Bucknell are relevant and up-to date, fair and equitable, consistently interpreted and administered, compliant, balance what’s important for employees as well as the University, fiscally responsible, and sustainable.

During the past 24 months, Human Resources, in close collaboration with partners, employee groups, and leaders from across the University, has reviewed and finalized updates to our existing policies covering hours of work. With these important changes, the University continues to offer competitive compensation and benefits that allow us to attract and retain highly qualified individuals.

A number of opportunities were made available to staff in fall of 2017 to learn more and provide an opportunity to ask specific questions. In addition to presentations at the University Staff Forum and the HR Roundtable, several open sessions were scheduled for employees as well as presentations at department-specific meetings as requested. Open sessions were held on Tuesday, Oct. 3, Wednesday, Oct. 4 and Thursday, Oct. 12.

What is included in the Hours of Work Policy and when will the changes become effective?

The Hours of Work policy updates will become effective Jan. 2, 2018 unless otherwise noted and include sections of the Staff Handbook related to the following:

  • Employee types and classifications 
  • Workday, workweek and schedule definitions
  • Attendance expectations
  • Capturing and recording hours of work including meal and break periods
  • Alternative and flexible work arrangements
  • Overtime pay
  • Premium pay for things like national holidays, periods of reduced operations (also known as "Bucknell Holidays"), overtime specific to Bucknell, shift differential, compensatory time (comp time), call-in pay, and other special pay situations
  • Clarification of when time worked is compensated for things like lectures, meetings and programs; remote work including mobile phones and laptops; and travel time