Mark Merino '17 (@bucknellmark)

Political science and Spanish
Granada, Spain
"I haven't had the opportunity to leave the United States, despite my fascination with the world, so I am very much looking forward to being in a new country!"


Sharmen Hettipola '17 (@bucknellsharmen)

Environmental studies and economics
Galway, Ireland
"I am most excited to study the Irish culture and how that culture has influenced their economic and environmental policies."


Morgan Gisholt Minard '17 (@bucknellmorgz)

International relations
Geneva, Switzerland
"I am most excited to be able to travel throughout Europe and see what the rest of the world has to offer, as well as being in situations that challenge my current perceptions of the world."


Mona Cheng '17 (@BucknellMona)

Nottingham, England
"I'm really excited about traveling to different countries and meeting amazing people and being immersed in different cultures."


Gregory Wolf '17 (@bucknellgregory)

East Asian studies and theatre
Kyoto, Japan
"I'm looking forward to making meaningful connections with new people in places using new languages."  


Tom Bonan '17 (@bucknelltommy)

Interdisciplinary math and economics
Cork, Ireland
"I have never left the United States before my study abroad experience, so I am excited to get out and travel for an extended period of time."