During the sophomore year and throughout the junior year, it is important for students to experiment with possible career options. They can do this in a variety of ways: internships, cooperative education programs, summer jobs, campus jobs, and responsible volunteer jobs on campus or in the local community. This is a critical year for parental support and understanding.

How you can help:

  • Encourage your child to use the resources at the Career Development Center: We offer walk-in "quick questions" from 1:30 - 3:30 p.m., Monday - Friday; our CDC Interns have had extensive training in resume and cover letter writing; our office offers various assessment tools for free.
  • If your son or daughter is interested in graduate or professional school, the application process typically begins in Fall of senior year. They should be talking with the appropriate advisor — either a faculty member assigned as the discipline advisor or the professional school advisors. The pre-health advisor and pre-law advisor both work in the CDC; the MBA Advisor works in the Management Department.
  • Alumni Career Paths is a resource to show what other Bucknellians have done with their majors.
  • Tell your student that you understand the importance of their gaining exposure to and experience in his or her field of interest. Broadening experience through involvement outside the classroom is a valuable use of time.
  • Internships or summer experiences in some competitive fields may be non-paying. A good opportunity may be in a distant location. Discuss financial expectations with your student before a commitment is made.
  • Do not conduct the internship or summer job search for your child. This deprives him or her of an important learning experience – and may make a poor impression on a future employer. It is helpful, however, to provide networking contacts or names of people.
  • If your student is thinking of studying abroad, we advise him or her to check in with the CDC the semester before he or she goes abroad. We can work with your student to start the internship search before leaving and highlight resources that can still be used while abroad.