The LIFE AFTER BUCKNELL program is presented by the Career Development Center, through the Alumni Career Services Program

LIFE After Bucknell is a series of programs aimed at preparing seniors for life skills needed after leaving the University. Whether transitioning to graduate school, beginning service opportunities, or starting your first professional position, the information provided is relevant to all. During your senior year, LIFE After Bucknell will address a variety of topics including budgeting and managing your finances, fine dining etiquette, professional networking, understanding healthcare options, and more. Take the next step in life with confidence.

Current Bucknell Seniors: Watch for upcoming programs on The Bridge!


LinkedIn 1.0; LinkedIn 2.0; and Building Your Brand

Your six degrees of separation could get you your next job! Maximizing global connections can enhance your job search, but what do you include in your online profile?  Having a consistent message in your online presence is key to building a strong network and promoting your "personal brand". These sessions also cover how to access the Bucknell Alumni Directory and other Bucknell networks.

Wine, Dine and Act Fine Senior Etiquette Dinner

Why are there so many forks?!? Dining is a common part of both career and graduate school interview processes; not to mention weddings and other social events. When you feel confident in navigating the menu and utensils on the table you can have more time to focus on the conversation. Having good manners never goes out of style.


Healthcare Options

HMO, PPO, High-deductible -- what's best for you? Learn the basics of healthcare options so you are ready to select your benefits plan with confidence! Have the plan? Now find quality health care providers that meet your needs. Get advice from a medical professional about what questions to ask so you can make an informed decision and stay healthy.


Optimizing Your Career

Is your job stuck in 2nd gear? Learn from an experienced professional about how to make strategic choices to position yourself in the best place possible for career growth. Regardless of whether you are starting your career right after Bucknell or have other immediate plans, this session will prepare you for whatever your future profession has in store.


Learn to Small Talk About Art

Two people walk into an art museum, what happens next? Small talk can lead to big opportunities, but many people are unsure about how to work a room and effectively network in person.  In conjunction with the Samek Art Museum, explore how to enter and exit any type of small talk conversation and learn specific tips to navigate small talk in an art setting - no prior art education required!

Money Savvy Series:  Budgets, Credit, and Investments

It's what?  Faculty from the College of Management lead this 3-part series to explain insurance, taxes, and how to budget your salary; how to manage your credit and ways to maximize your money now by investing in your future.  Develop a strategy so you can pay your bills and save for the future. Now that's adulting at its finest!


Finding the Right Place to Live

What's behind door #1?  We've all heard the horror stories of first apartments, horrible landlords, and less than desirable roommate situations, but that doesn't have to be you!  Do your best to avoid these cliches by learning how to best navigate the housing market and what to look for in the fine print of your lease.  

Golf for Women

Is your sub par golf game driving a wedge between you and your career? Did the puns in the last sentence completely go over your head? If both of these apply, then Golf for Women might just be just for you. Learn the fundamental principles of the game of golf and how to properly swing the club, so that the next time you take a boss or a client out on the course, you don't spend most of your time sifting through the rough. There's no better time to learn than now!


Graduate and Professional School

Four years not enough? If you are interested in continuing your formal education Bucknell provides Graduate and Professional Resources for you to explore your options and leverage your Bucknell degree.  Whether you are seeking a graduate degree right after Bucknell or after gaining several years of experience, see how Bucknell can help you take your next step. Graduate & Professional School

Bucknell Career Connect

The Christy Mathewson Gates aren't the only things that open for you upon graduation. As you approach graduation, you will be given access to an exclusive alumni job board and other career resources especially designed for alumni; including the capability to network and connect with other Bucknell graduates. Bucknell Career Connect is an online career site available to graduates of Bucknell. Join now, start a conversation, and see which companies are actively seeking to hire Bucknell alumni.

Bucknell Career Connect

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