Welcome to the BLOC!

Students living off-campus will have the experience of both being scholars at Bucknell University and members of the Lewisburg community. The responsibilities of an off-campus student are greater, but so are the privileges. We here at Housing Services and Residential Education want to make sure that our students living off-campus have the best and safe experience possible while excelling both in and out of the classroom.

Living Off-campus — The Process

When you agree to be a Bison, you agree to a 4-Year Residency requirement which can be found in the Student Handbook. This means that you will live in Bucknell campus housing for the four years of your college experience, and Bucknell will provide you with a safe, clean, and comfortable place to live. In order to live off-campus, students must apply and be granted approval by the Housing Services Office.

Only rising seniors will be eligible to apply to live off-campus for the 2018-19  academic year. A week will be given to complete the application process and approximately 200 students will be approved based upon their completed application, their Greek housing status, their current judicial record, and a random number lottery system.

Only students who complete the application process will be eligible to live off-campus.

Off-campus Housing Options

Living off-campus at Bucknell is both a great privilege and a great responsibility. When living off-campus, the student becomes the face of Bucknell for members of the local community, and we want that face to be a welcoming one.

Conduct and Off-campus Housing

Students who have been found in violation of the Bucknell Code of Conduct in the past can be denied approval to live-off. Here are the occurrences which can lead to a loss of off-campus living privileges:

  • Repetitive and serious alcohol infractions at the time of the application or after approval has been granted
  • Found responsible for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Incidents of violence where actions are not deemed in "self defense"
  • Verbal or physical assault of a University or government official
  • Distribution of controlled/illegal substance not for personal use