The Parents Association Board of Directors serves as an Advisory Board.

Board Members are expected to fulfill the following obligations.

  1. Serve as a member of the Parents Board for the duration of your student's enrollment at Bucknell.
  2. Attend and participate in two Board meetings on‐campus, per year.
    For 2019-20, this includes:
        •   2019 Spring Meeting: On-campus orientation for new members takes place on Thursday of the spring meeting.
        •   2019 Fall Family Weekend: On-campus
        •   2020 Spring Meeting: On-campus
  3. Make a gift annually to the Parents Fund in accordance with your capability, and preferably at a leadership level ($2,500+).
  4. Learn about Bucknell, its mission, programs, activities, and the WE DO Campaign.
  5. Learn about the Bucknell Parents Association, its mission, membership and activities.
  6. Decide how you would like to make a difference for Bucknell and carry out your work in your assigned committee.
  7. Participate in the First‐year Parent Welcome Call Program.
    Telephone first‐year parents in your geographic area to welcome them to the Bucknell family, answer questions, and serve as a contact.
  8. Participate in activities outside of your committee work that support the Parents Board, such as:
        •   Host interns and externs at your place of business
        •   Represent Bucknell at admissions events, college fairs, etc.
        •   Solicit other parents on behalf of the Parents Fund
        •   Attend Bison Gatherings (first-year families/student regional summer receptions) in your area
  9. Be responsive to the Office of the Parents Fund & Family Programs at Bucknell for requests, such as meeting invitations and inform the office of any updates for your contact information, etc.
  10. Be an advocate for Bucknell and serve as a resource for families in your geographic area.
  11. Participate in regional Bucknell Club events.