The Parents Association Board of Directors accomplishes its work through these five active committees.

The Campus & Community Committee

The Campus & Community Committee partners with the University in its efforts to create and foster safe and healthy environments and opportunities for students outside the classroom that advance personal and intellectual growth while encouraging and challenging students to become responsible, engaged and empowered citizens of Bucknell and the town of Lewisburg. The Committee reviews initiates and addresses issues of importance that impact student experiences on campus and beyond the physical campus, in a collaborative effort with students, the University and community leaders. These areas include residence halls and off-campus living, interaction with the broader Lewisburg community, fraternity and sorority affairs, campus activities and organizations, student leadership and wellness services, multicultural interests, and religious and spiritual life.

Signature Initiatives: Create and foster safe and healthy environments and opportunities for students.

The Career Advisory Committee

The Career Advisory Committee supports the Career Development Center’s mission to provide career advice and assistance to students to help them make thoughtful and informed career decisions and integrate career goals with their varied academic and life experiences. Committee members actively work with staff on the development and implementation of programs and services to creatively expand educational outreach, experiential learning and post-graduate opportunities in a wide range of career and professional industries.

Signature Initiatives: Boston and San Francisco Field Trips, Career Exploration Guides, and Parent Outreach

The Development Committee

The Development Committee supports the strategic mandate of the Office of Parents Fund and Family Programs to increase annual financial support and reduce Bucknell’s financial dependence on tuition. The Development Committee accomplishes this through its direct support of the Parents Fund. Committee members (and all parent board members) are asked to help lead this effort through their own personal leadership gifts of $2,500 or more to the Parents Fund. The Development Committee works closely with the staff to fine-tune the Parents Fund message, to brainstorm effective ways to reach out to parents and to make both welcome and thank you calls to parents.

Signature Initiatives: The Annual Parents Fund Goal and Strategizing Parent Involvement in the Capital Campaign.

The Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee assists the University, where appropriate, in its efforts to further diversify the Bucknell community, reflecting the many forms of diversity that characterize American society and an intercultural world. The committee assists the Office of Admissions to increase the number of student applicants and enrollees from populations currently under represented at the University, and devises long-term strategies to reflect Bucknell’s more comprehensive diversity objective as highlighted in The Plan for Bucknell. More importantly, the Committee ensures through a variety of working projects that the Bucknell environment displays inclusiveness and fosters a climate of mutual respect for all members of the Bucknell community.

Signature Initiatives: Diversity Council

The Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee partners with the University with a key focus on strengthening Bucknell's relationship with regional, national and global family constituencies. Committee members actively participate in regional activities that include: Welcome Call Program, Bison Gatherings, Bucknell Club activities and other University events including Drop Off and Dine, Family Weekend and Admitted Students Day. Additionally, the committee assists the Office of Parents Fund and Family Programs and the Office of Communications to ensure timely and consistent messaging with all parents and families through various print and electronic materials.

Signature Initiatives: Welcome Call Program to first-year parents, Bison Gatherings, parent panels at University events