The Red Flag Campaign is a new awareness project brought to campus by Speak Up Bucknell in spring 2016. The campaign encourages people to recognize the "red flags" that might signal an unhealthy or abusive relationship, and to intervene if they notice these red flags in others' relationships.

As part of the campaign, members of the community are invited to write warning signs, or "red flags," of unhealthy or abusive relationships onto red vinyl flags that are then publicly displayed. Anyone wishing to write a message of support for victim-survivors of relationship violence, or who is willing to speak up if they witness a relationship "red flag," can also sign their name or write their message on an orange or blue flag. These orange and blue flags form a protective ring around the red flags, creating a visual reminder of our supportive community of positive bystanders who are willing to intervene to protect others from relationship violence.


If you or someone you know suspect a relationship may be abusive, we encourage you to reach out to any of the resources listed below.

If you need help NOW . . .

Confidential Resources
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The Advocates (24/7) — 570.850.6115
Counseling and Student Development Center (24/7) — 570.577.1604
Bucknell Student Health — 570.577.1401
Bucknell Chaplains — 570.577.1592
Evangelical Community Hospital (24/7) — 570.522.2000
Transitions (Local Crisis Center, 24/7) — 800.850.7948

Additional Resources
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Title IX Coordinator — 570.577.1554
Public Safety (24/7) — 570.577.1111
Local Police (24/7) — 911
Interpersonal Violence Prevention Coordinator — 570.577.3574

Sexual Misconduct and Relationship Violence Reporting Form