Speak UP Bucknell is comprised of a dedicated group of student leaders who are committed to ending sexual misconduct in the Bucknell community.

Salvador Alatorre '19Salvador Alatorre ‘19 (psychology)
Other Involvement: Intramural Soccer, Posse, Orientation
Fun Fact: I used to fire knife when I was in High School.

Lisa Bernstein '19Lisa Bernstein ‘19 (sociology)
Other Involvement: Club Soccer, Rotaract, After School Tutoring
Fun Fact: My eyes change color.

Sophia Brooks '19Sophia Brooks ‘19 (Italian studies and economics)
Other Involvement: Silhouettes acapella, ACE, and tutoring
Fun Fact: I've never owned a pet

Marleina Cohen '21Marleina Cohen ‘21 (education and psychology)
Other Involvement: Student Calling Program, Humanities Research Assistant, Tutor at Essex Place, RA in McDonnell
Fun Fact: I was training to be a chef before I came to Bucknell!

Megan Contarino '19Megan Contarino ‘19 (biology)
Other Involvement: Bison Pals
Fun Fact: I swam with dolphins once.

Matt Drescher '20Matt Drescher ‘20 (biology)
Other Involvement: President of Pre-Veterinary Society; Captain of Mudshark Ultimate; Buckwild Leader
Fun Fact: The only bone I've ever broken is my nose, which I've broken twice.

Liesel Ferguson '19Liesel Ferguson ‘19 (political science)
Other Involvement: Delta Gamma Sorority, Club Squash team
Fun Fact: I'm a sailing coach in the summer.

Jordan Ferrari '20Jordan Ferrari ‘20 (international relations)
Other Involvement: Posse Scholar, STEM scholar, Chess Club, HerCampus
Fun Fact: I longboard and collect leaves

Virginia Flagler '20Virginia Flagler ‘20 (accounting)
Other Involvement: Nothing else.... yet
Fun Fact: I've been inside the US Embassy in Amman, Jordan

Ryan Gannon '19Ryan Gannon ‘19 (political science and creative writing)
Other Involvement: We Brake For Nobody, Campus Vinyl and Chi Phi Fraternity
Fun Fact: I'm really bad at coming up with fun facts

Ruby Gould '19 Ruby Gould ‘19 (philosophy and Spanish)
Other Involvement: Bucknellian
Fun Fact: My friend and I share dual custody of a betta fish

Mackenzie Gross '21Mackenzie Gross ‘21 (comparative humanities and theatre)
Other Involvement: OA, Cap and Dagger, Manager of Mens Soccer Team, Mock Trial
Fun Fact: Every Wednesday I wear something orange!

Caldwell Harden '19Caldwell Harden ‘19 (political science and economics)
Other Involvement: ATHENA President, Philanthropy Chair for Alpha Xi Delta, BIPP Student Fellow, Headstart Volunteer, OA
Fun Fact: I was once attacked by dolphins

Anthony Harris '21Anthony Harris ‘21 (computer science in engineering with management)
Other Involvement: Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity, Catholic Campis Ministry Events Coordinator, Mudshark Ultimate Frisbee Team
Fun Fact: I pole-vaulted in high school

Sam Havens '20Sam Havens ‘20 (economics and Spanish)
Other Involvement: Admissions Ambassador, Men's Squash
Fun Fact: I love to travel

Delia Hughes '21Delia Hughes ‘21 (music education)
Other Involvement: Beyond Unison A Capella, University Choir, Orientation Assistant
Fun Fact: I auditioned for The Voice when I was a sophomore in high school :)

Paulina Johansson '19Paulina Johansson ‘19 (managing for sustainability)
Other Involvement: Learning Community Leader for the Freeman College of Management, Delta Gamma, Club Soccer
Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Alicante, Spain

Zoe Lindahl '20Zoe Lindahl ‘20 (undecided)
Other Involvement: ATHENA, club field hockey
Fun Fact: My street at home is the border between Maryland and D.C.!

Sarah Loughran '20Sarah Loughran ‘20 (accounting & financial management)
Other Involvement: I am an orientation assistant and am part of the global res college.
Fun Fact: I first visited Bucknell because I got my puppy right down the road.

Alexander Markovitz '19Alexander Markovitz ‘19 (economics)
Other Involvement: Habitat for Humanity President, Member of Sigma Phi Epsilon
Fun Fact: I can say the alphabet backwards very quickly

Brayan Molina '19Brayan Molina ‘19(chemical engineering)
Other Involvement:
Fun Fact: I have never been on a rollercoaster

Emma Mustion '20Emma Mustion ‘20 (neuroscience)
Other Involvement: BSG, ATHENA, Club Volleyball
Fun Fact: My initials almost spell out my first name (EMM).

Samantha Nolle '19Samantha Nolle ‘19(political science)
Other Involvement: Residential Adviser, University Choir, Diversity Outreach Team host, Chi Omega sorority, Humanities Res College alum
Fun Fact: I created one of the Bucknell snapchat filters (the one with the bison holding a flag)!

Ashley Pena '19Ashley Pena ‘19 (management for sustainability)
Other Involvement: Social Justice Residential College Junior Fellow, T.E.A.M. Peer Mentor, LA Posse 6 Member
Fun Fact: I went on the Bucknell Brigade in Nicaragua last year and it was my first time out of the United States. I'm planning to study abroad junior year though, I had an amazing experience!

Elise Rubenstein '21Elise Rubenstein ‘21(undeclared)
Other Involvement: Buckwild leader, Outing Club Exec
Fun Fact: I'm an avid friendship bracelet maker

Sid Iyer Sequeira '21Sid Iyer Sequeira ‘21(English - creative writing and studio art)
Other Involvement: Common Ground Facilitator, South Asian Student Association Officer, Arts Merit Scholar
Fun Fact: I was in ....(you guessed it)......THE SINGAPORE ARMY

Louise Skelton '19Louise Skelton ‘19 (international relations and French)
Other Involvement:
Fun Fact: I'm allergic to chocolate

Harper Stewart ‘19 Harper Stewart ‘19 (biomedical engineering)
Other Involvement: Track and Field Team, Buckwild Leader, ASPIRING Leader (Athletics Department Program), TLC Study Group Leader
Fun Fact: I have been a vegetarian since I was in the 3rd grade.

Dana Tsipenyuk '20Dana Tsipenyuk ‘20(biology)
Other Involvement: OA, Hebrew TA, club tennis captain
Fun Fact: I used do competative rhythmic gymnastics.

Sha-Asia Taylor ‘19 Sha-Asia Taylor ‘19 (management and education)
Other Involvement: Boston Posse 9, Black Student Union's Chair of Outreach, Bucknell's Africa Student Association Vice President, Common Ground Facilitator
Fun Fact: I love to write and sing my own original music.

Lauren Ziolkowski '20Lauren Ziolkowski ‘20(English - literary studies)
Other Involvement: Campus Vinyl
Fun Fact: I can play harmonica and banjo simultaneously - I want to start a one-woman bluegrass band if this whole Bucknell thing doesn't work out.