Comprehensive Environmental Assessment

On Sept. 15, 2007, a group more than 70 Bucknell students, faculty, staff and community members embarked upon a collaborative campus-wide investigation of the University's environmental impact. Organized into 10 assessment teams, participants in this project delved into a myriad of questions relating to the environmental sustainability of the University's policies and practices, including such indicators as administration and policy, education, energy, water, waste, purchasing, dining, built environment, and landscape. After 18 months of research and editing, this comprehensive assessment became available to the campus community and the public in May 2009. View the full document here. Read news stories on the 2008 and 2007 assessment summits.

AASHE STARS Assessment

In 2013-14 the University updated its Comprehensive Environmental Assessment through participation in the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education's  Sustainability Tracking and Rating System (AASHE STARS) survey.  More than 30 staff, students and faculty members participated in collecting and analyzing data for the update. Learn more about Bucknell's AASHE STARS assessment in the following links: