Comprehensive Waste Audits

Beginning in April of 2011 and continuing through AY 11-12, the first comprehensive waste audit of the University was completed in partnership with John Testa and Merritt Pedrick of Bucknell Facilities and McKenna research intern Hallie Kennan '12. Dozens of student volunteers were recruited to participate in the sorting and weighing of waste from 12 dumpsters from across the campus, and Kennan performed the statistical analysis.  Professors and students from three university courses made up the bulk of the volunteers. All student volunteers also completed reflective assignments on the waste audit experience. The results and awareness generated by the waste audit are partially responsible for leading Bucknell in the direction of single stream recycling. View the photo gallery of the waste audit below.

Recycling, and Reuse

Sustainable design requires a thoughtful use of all types of materials.  In addition to single stream recycling, Bucknell supports several programs to recycle and reuse specific items: 

Upcycling and Life Cycle Analysis

Students working with the Sustainable Design Program have been exploring ways to think outside the "reduce/reuse/recycle triangle" to promote upcycling on campus.  Upcycling refers to the transformation of discarded materials into something of greater value.  In the coming year, the SDP will be working towards establishing an upcycling center to serve the creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial energies of the Bucknell community.

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is a thorough examination of the impacts of a material or product from material extraction, to processing, manufacturing, distribution, use, and disposal.  Students in ENST 230:  Introduction to Ecological Design have been exploring creative ways of representing the life cycles of commonly used products on campus.  For an example, see this LCA diagram of the life cycle of bottled water by Leigh Ann Lebate '16.