The Workplace Advisor program provides a way for staff members to talk with someone confidentially about issues of concern. Workplace advisors are a resource for those individuals who want an alternative to the Employee Assistance Program, Human Resources, or who simply seek a friendly listener.

What do Workplace Advisors do?

Workplace Advisors will meet and speak confidentially with you about workplace issues. They will listen, guide, provide information, and, if appropriate, refer you to another resource. They will help you to choose the best option for you.

Is it really confidential?

Conversations with a Workplace Advisor will be kept confidential unless you give the Workplace Advisor permission to contact someone else. The only exception to this pledge would occur if there is a threat of danger to you or others or when issues of sexual harassment are indicated. See Advisor Roles and Responsibilities for more detailed information.

Workplace Advisors follow the Ethics and Confidentiality Policy established by The Ombudsman Association.