The Office of Accessibility Resources, students with disabilities, and faculty must work together to provide reasonable accommodations based on disability documentation, functional limitations, and student’s self-report. Each member of this team has different responsibilities:

OAR Director is expected to:

  1. Authorize students’ accommodations
  2. Empower and train students in self-advocacy
  3. Help students request and access accommodations in a timely manner
  4. Provide specific reasonable accommodations to students as necessary
  5. Honor student preferences for those accommodations whenever possible
  6. Address instructors’ questions and concerns.

Students are expected to:

  1. Register with the OAR
  2.  Request accommodations promptly from their instructors
  3. Follow appropriate and corresponding policy and procedure
  4. Complete the same class requirements as all other students.

Faculty are expected to:

  1. Provide appropriate accommodations to their students in collaboration with the OAR
  2. Consult with the OAR Director as needed
  3. Assist when a student needs a note-taker
  4.  Help to facilitate the exam accommodation process
  5. Collaborate with students and the OAR Director to make sure course materials are accessible

By working together, students, faculty and the OAR Director can provide reasonable accommodations in a timely, respectful, stress-free and supportive manner so that students with disabilities have the access that is right and just and also required by federal law.