Bucknell University recognizes that some students may require exceptions to its housing assignments as a reasonable accommodation for a documented disability. As discussed below, the University has procedures in place to work with students making such requests. The Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR) requires supporting documentation from an appropriately licensed professional that outlines how a housing accommodation supports your medical/disability needs. Please be aware that a diagnosis in and of itself does not automatically qualify you for housing accommodations. Depending on the nature of the accommodation request, the availability of a housing accommodation may be quite limited. Your request and complete supporting documentation for the next academic year should be submitted to the OAR as follows:

  • Upper class students: prior to March 1 (current and updated documentation may be required)
  • First-year students: prior to June 10
  • Transfer students/returning from a leave (current and updated documentation may be required):
    fall: prior to July 1
    spring: prior to December 1

The University will make every attempt to accommodate a student's housing needs. However, if the request is submitted after the deadline, an accommodation may not be met.

Summary of Process for Upper Class Students

  • Complete Housing Accommodation Request Form (see below)
  • OAR will review the submitted documents, assess reasonableness of request, and either approve or deny request
  • OAR will notify Housing Services of the housing accommodation need if approved
  • Housing Services will provide student a housing assignment that meets the accommodation need, in consultation with OAR
  • Student will be provided a lottery number to proceed through Room Draw
  • If student selects an alternate space during Room Draw, the housing accommodation will be altered as appropriate

While the OAR understands the importance of medical confidentiality and privacy, if a request for housing is to be given full and appropriate consideration, it may be necessary for the OAR to contact the certifying professional, who cannot be a family member of the student. It is the responsibility of the student to notify the certifying professional's office of the need for the information requested on the Housing Accommodation Request form (Professional) and to authorize the release of requested information. All documentation will be kept with the OAR, which will respect the student's confidentiality and share information only on an as- needed basis. If the form is not complete, then the OAR may not be able to proceed with a review.

Housing Services and OAR will work with students who have submitted materials after the deadlines and make a conscience effort to meet the students needs.

Housing Accommodation Request Forms

Housing Assignment Process

After spring break, Housing Services will notify students that OAR has approved a Housing Accommodation. The focus for Housing Services, when providing a housing assignment with an approved housing accommodation, is to meet the student's documented need. Furthermore, with the implementation of the new Residential Living Plan, Housing Services will attempt to provide an assignment location based on class year. For example, if a single room is the housing accommodation need for a rising 2nd year student, Housing Services would provide a single in designated area as outlined by the Residential Living Plan. The student will be provided the building and the type of room (i.e. air-conditioned single in Swartz Hall).

If a student has an approved housing accommodation need that would necessitate a space in Independent Living (South Apartments, Gateways, or Bucknell West), Housing Services would provide an individual assignment for that student, but not provide the specific location (i.e. apartment number) until the Room Draw process has been completed.

Students with an approved housing accommodation need will also receive a time slot for Room Draw. If a student decides to proceed through room draw and selects a housing assignment, the previous assignment provided by Housing Services will be replaced by the selected assignment. Proceeding through Room Draw would allow the student the opportunity to select a space that met their need and their desire to live with friends.

Room Change Process

After Room Draw has concluded, a student is able to request a room change to a different space on campus. Typically, students are looking to upgrade to a different space they could not acquire during the selection process. For example, a group of students may have chosen a Gateway apartment because the South Apartments were all taken. The group can complete a room change request and if a South Apartment becomes available, they would be switched to that apartment. The submitted Room Change Requests forms are processed in class year and time slot order.

Community Specific Housing

Students who will reside in a Fraternity House, Sorority Housing, Affinity Housing or Residential Colleges and have a specific need for a Housing Accommodation (i.e. air-conditioning, single room, etc.), must go through this process. For example, if air-conditioning is a determined accommodation, the University will provide and install a unit into a student's room, unless the space already has a room that can meet the student's need. In this scenario, Housing Services will inform the leadership of the group of their need. Students are not permitted to install their own air-conditioning units, window or stand-alone.