Why do you volunteer?

"I have personally been brought up in a community full of need (in Uganda). I feel that volunteering is the only way I can meet other people's needs which I so much understand. Being a believer (Christian) too has a lot to do with why I volunteer. When Jesus came on earth, he reached out to all classes and that’s the work I want to further by volunteering."

What have you learned or gained from your experience?

"I have learned that through volunteering we not only help others, but we also help establish ourselves. It is also through such work that we sometimes realize what we want to do for the rest of our lives."

What might you do with this new perspective?

"Whenever I am volunteering, I just want to do everything. And I think if I am to work again with people in volunteering, I would give them more chances to do some of the things that I do. I might also go ahead to encourage people who are doing things for the first time."

Why is it important to you?

"Letting other people work is important because it’s a way of making sure that everyone enjoys that experience."

What is your favorite part about volunteering (or a specific project you have worked on)?

"My favorite part in volunteering is when it comes to working with my fellow volunteers. I have always found it fascinating to relate to others while working. And this is simply because there is so much I learn about people while doing manual labor with them. I get to find out their strength and weaknesses."

Anything else you want to say about Community Service?

"Community service is the best thing one can do for their own good. It builds up our personality and its also an opportunity to get out of ones “little world” to experience the outside."


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