baccalaureate Lowercase in all references, excepting the official service.

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science May also be referred to as a bachelor’s degree or bachelor’s. Note the apostrophe. See academic degrees.

Berelson Center for Jewish Life

Bertrand Library

Bison Capitalize when referring to Bucknell’s athletics nickname. The mascot is Bucky.

blog A website where short entries are usually written in chronological order. Blogs may include news, commentary, photos, video or any combination of the above and other items.

Board of Trustees Use full name, capitalized on first reference. Lowercase board, trustee and trustees when used alone on second reference.

book titles See titles (works).

Breakiron Engineering Building

buildings Use official names, capitalized, on first reference. See individual building entries for proper names.

Bucknell Hall Houses the Stadler Center for Poetry.

Bucknellian, Bucknellians Use to refer to any alumni, student or staff or faculty member at Bucknell. The Bucknellian, in italics and including The, is the student-run campus newspaper. It receives financial support from the University but is independent in its editorial management.

Bucknell University The full name always should be used in first reference except in athletics communications, summary news paragraphs and headlines. Bucknell may be used in all second references. Capitalize University when it is used alone in reference to Bucknell University.

Bucknell West Modular student housing west of Route 15.

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