ecology The study of the relationship between organisms and their surroundings. It is not synonymous with environment.

Elaine Langone Center

endowment Capitalize only when used as part of a formal name of a specific fund. Example: The William A. Graham IV Wrestling Endowment.

entitled A right to do or have something. Do not use to mean titled.

email Acceptable in all references. 

email addresses See domain names, URLs, websites

emeritus Denoting faculty members who have retired, it is not a status that is officially bestowed at Bucknell. The female form is emerita; the plural is emeriti. Capitalize and place behind formal rank or title when used before a name. Examples: Professor Emeritus John Smith, President Emerita Lisa Jones. Lowercase if title appears after the name. Examples: John Smith, professor emeritus of history, Lisa Jones, president emerita.

ensure, insure Ensure means to guarantee. Insure is used in references to insurance.

environment See ecology.

etc. Should be avoided in most copy. Instead, use e.g. (for example) and give representative examples or i.e. (that is) and give the relevant clarification.

exclamation points Avoid them except in direct quotations.

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