A.  Do not move a seriously injured person unless it is a life threatening situation.

B.  Call Public Safety at 570-577-1111, giving your name, location, building and telephone number. Give as much information as possible regarding the nature of the injury or illness, whether or not the victim is conscious, etc. Advise the dispatcher of the injury, if possible, and if the person requires an ambulance. You have the option of calling an ambulance directly by dialing 911 if you believe the injury is life threatening. You should notify Public Safety immediately afterwards.

C.  Return to the victim and attempt to keep him/her as calm and comfortable as possible. Do not move the victim unless necessary to prevent further injury. First aid should only be given to the victim by a trained person.

D.  Remain with the victim until a Public Safety officer or an ambulance arrives. Advise the officials on the scene of the nature of the illness or injury.

E.  Persons with serious illnesses/injuries are transported to Evangelical Hospital Emergency Room by ambulance depending on the seriousness of the illness or injury. This determination will be made by the Public Safety officer at the scene.

F.  Persons with minor illnesses or minor injuries are transported to the Student Health Service for treatment during its hours of operation. When Student Health Services is not open, these persons are advised to make private arrangements to see a physician or to visit the hospital.

G.  The Public Safety dispatcher will initiate the proper notification procedure for contacting appropriate personnel when a student, employee, or visitor is injured on or near campus.

H.  In the event of a serious injury in which the victim requires an ambulance, call the ambulance directly by dialing 911. Advise the dispatcher of your name, the nature of the call, the location of the victim, and any other information pertinent to the situation. Immediately after calling 911, notify Public Safety of your actions.   


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