Bucknell University Press is recognized for its outstanding eighteenth century publications in the current issue of Studies in English Literature. Jonathan Lamb, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of the Humanities at Vanderbilt University, writes, "A brief glance at the bibliography of this review will reveal how deeply faculty specializing in the Enlightenment are indebted to Bucknell University Press and its editor Greg Clingham. In the present distressed market for academic books, especially hard-backs, it is encouraging to see a press such as Bucknell so ready to publish a wide list in reasonably priced hardbacks, including first monographs of young scholars, all produced to a high level of finish with regard to the covers, illustrations, paper, and print."

Professor Lamb writes about a number of recent BU Press titles, including

Transits: Literature, Thought & Culture 1650-1850

Many of the titles above are part of Transits: Literature, Thought & Culture 1650-1850, a series that aims to extend recent achievements in eighteenth century studies, and to publish excellent work on any aspects of the literature, thought and culture of the years 1650-1850. Recent additions to the series include Reading Christopher Smart in the Twenty-first Century edited by Min Wild and Noel Chevalier (shown above) and Enlightenment in Ruins: The Geographies of Oliver Goldsmith by Michael Griffin.

By Christopher Bradt, Graduate Assistant