Common Ground Schedule Coming Soon!

Packing Instructions:

  • Bring your own bedding including, bed sheets or a sleeping bag and a pillow.
  • Nights and early morning tend to be cold at Cowan, so bring a comfy sweater and some warm socks.
  • Bring comfortable clothes.
  • A flashlight is advised as there will be time in the evenings to go outside.
  • Feel free to bring board games and musical instruments if you want.
  • Although we recommend you not to, bring your homework if you have to do it.
  • Something to write with.
  • The retreat will span from the night of Friday, Oct. 7 to the morning of Tuesday, Oct. 11, so pack accordingly for five days and four nights.
  • And a disclaimer: It is unlikely your phone will have good reception at the Cowan campground.