How much do students have to pay to enjoy events at Uptown?

Nothing at all! Uptown's events are free to all students. Every weekend, our events usually include food, drinks and entertainment.  For our events where alcohol is served, each BU student of age will receive a bracelet with three chads, which they can use to redeem up to three drinks.

What is the Size of our Karafun karaoke catalog?

It has over 10,000 songs, and they keep current with hits.

How many people can be in Uptown at one time?

300 people including staff.

What sodas are on our soda fountain?

Minute Maid Lemonade, Sweet Tea, Raspberry Ice Tea, Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Sizzler water, Sprite

Who pays for the food at Uptown when I host an event there?

When co-sponsoring an event with Uptown, clubs and organizations will share in the cost of food and entertainment.  But, clubs and organizations may rent out the space for a small fee which covers employees wages and cleaning fees. Clubs and organizations will also be responsible for any food or entertainment associated with their event.

Uptown is only for students 21+?

False. Uptown provides over 70 programs each year, with less than 10% being exclusively for students who are 21+.  That means over 90% of our programming is open and geared to our student population as a whole. 

If I'm hosting an event at Uptown what do I need to bring in order to hook my computer up to Uptown's system?

NOTHING! Uptown has all of the equipment and expertise that you need to get your laptop hooked up to our system!

If I'm performing at Uptown, can I count on having mics?

Yes you can, we have a lot of mics that can be used.

How many Tvs does Uptown have?

We provide 5 tvs located throughout Uptown. Uptown provides a series of standard to 4K Ultra smart HDTVS. 

How many channels are available to watch during an event?

Uptown offers access to Bucknell's all-HD lineup of television programming, called BUTV, whose channel lineup was selected specifically for  Bucknell to balance the entertainment and educational content needs of the campus community. Uptown also has the ability to connect our own laptops to our video system to provide for viewing of dvds, blue ray, karaoke, and various other forms of video entertainment.

If I'm in a band that's playing at Uptown. What equipment does Uptown have and what equipment do I need to bring?

WE HAVE ALL OF THE EQUIPMENT! Uptown has the unique ability to put on a variety of performances, from micing small scale acoustic bands, to working with the popular 90s band Vertical Horizon, to hosting a battle of the bands. We have a sound board with a total of 24 inputs and 4 monitor mixes and plenty of quarter inch and xlr cables of various lengths. We also have a couple different types of vocal mics, various instrumental mics, and direct input boxes. The only equipment performers need to bring are their instruments and any special equipment they might have, such as specialized microphones or foot pedals to adjust their sound. There's no need to bring amps, though they work well as monitors that you can set for yourself if you would like to bring them.