I have never done any outdoor activity, let alone camping in the woods, is this experience for me?

Absolutely!! Most of our experiences are for beginners and meant for first timers going outdoors. Our leaders do a great job of teaching you and keeping you safe. Also, the goals of the University and this program are to help you with your transition to college life by building strong connections to your classmates, meeting upper class mentors, engaging with faculty, and connecting to the University. The outdoor activities are there to create the catalyst for learning about yourself and each other. The outdoors is a great place to connect with others.

Do I need to have all my own equipment?

Outdoor Education & Leadership will provide all the technical equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, climbing gear, biking gear, paddling gear, backpacks, etc. You will need to bring your own clothing, footwear, rain jacket, and rain pants (you'll need these anyway for walking to and from class). Additionally, you may bring these items if you have them: sleeping bag, sleeping pad, headlamps, and climbing equipment (harness, shoes, or helmet).

When I move in for BuckWild do I bring all my belongings for the entire year or just for BuckWild?

Move in day for all the pre-orientation programs is the official move in day for everyone participating in these programs. When you arrive that day you should be bringing everything with you for the entire year. You can start setting up your room, pick your side of the room, and create your living space for the upcoming year.

Will I be sleeping in my room the first night of BuckWild?

For the first night of BuckWild, it is a tradition to have a campus wide sleep out in the Grove. There are tents all over the Grove; it is an experience to be remembered. The President of the University typically comes out to visit. You will have access to your room to store items that you over packed, but you will be camping on campus with your team.

When does BuckWild officially begin on the first day?

Officially you need to be packed and ready to go by 12:30 p.m. on the day of move in. The first event is a meeting in the Weis Center for the Performing Arts with all the participants, parents, the student leaders, and the Director to discuss the program. Move in starts at 7 a.m., so you can get your room in order before we begin BuckWild.

Can I move in the night before the official check in day?

Typically we ask that you wait for the next morning because we are busy preparing for that special day. We do manage this on a proactive case-by-case basis. The Department of Community & Leadership, which oversees the first-year experience has the final say on the decision.

In general we say no to early arrivals. Here is what we look for if you need special accommodations:

    1. If you are traveling by yourself without your parents, we may help with accommodations.
    2. Are you flying in from a great distance and traveling by yourself. For example most west coast flights... We may help with this type of accommodation.
    3. Other extenuating circumstances. We will discuss it with you.

If I am flying into an airport. What are your suggestions for arriving on campus?

If you are flying with your family, we suggest renting a car from a rental agency. It is the quickest and most efficient way to travel to campus. If you are traveling by yourself, please work with the Student Transit Office at 570.577.1953 to figure out ways to arrive on campus. They are a great resource to help in this situation. Also, if you are flying from a great distance, you may need to arrive the day before to be able to start on time with the program.

Is there financial support to subsidize the cost of the BuckWild experience?

We do set aside a small amount funds to help subsidize those that are recognized as needing a large financial aid package from the University. We want to do our best to accommodate all needs and that includes financial needs as well. Upon registration, just sign up for a waiver. Your name will be sent to us and we will do our best to help subsidize your participation in BuckWild.

I am trying to apply after the registration deadline, is that still possible?

Yes, please sign up! You may be put on the waitlist or there may be some spots that have opened up. Those that sign up before the deadline will get first priority of trip options, but we will do our best to get you on a trip of your interest.

I am a transfer student, can I sign up for BuckWild?

Yes!!! We hope you sign up! You are also new to Bucknell, and it is important for you to learn about Bucknell and the resources we offer. We want Bucknell to be your next home! Please sign up!

I have allergies and dietary restrictions can I still participate?

Most likely yes, unless it is an extreme case. We manage this on a case-by-case basis. We prefer to be proactive. Please reach out to the Office of Outdoor Education & Leadership so we can make a menu that best fits your needs. We will also restructure the menu for your team. It is really important to disclose your allergies and reactions to the allergies as well as any other dietary needs such as vegan, vegetarian etc. The earlier the better, so we can accommodate accordingly.

I have some health-related concerns, can I still participate?

Please reach out directly to the Department of Outdoor Education & Leadership so we can discuss the options. We manage these situations on a case-by-case basis. We will do our best to find an experience that will accommodate your health concerns.