For alumni, networking is the more effective way to find out about opportunities and ultimately secure a job. You are fortunate because Bucknell has a robust alumni base, which has historically been very generous with providing advice about careers. There are multiple types of networking you should take advantage of to maximize your reach. Your contacts will continue to benefit you through your career path and help you to achieve success in your work life.


Informal networks are casual connections you make outside the work place. At Bucknell, these may include your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters, athletic team members, or club members. Your family, friends, and neighbors are also part of your informal network. Don’t forget these contacts as they may prove to be helpful.


is recognized as the premier online professional networking tool. Companies actively source candidates from LinkedIn, and many recruiters will search your profile before they meet with you. Bucknell has an active alumni group on LinkedIn. You can use this to reconnect with old friends, make new contacts, and stay updated on Bucknell career events.

Bucknell Career Connect: This online professional networking platform is your go-to site to connect with fellow Bucknellians. Find and post jobs on behalf of your company using the exclusive alumni job board. Ask Bucknellians for advice in their industry. Check out career events, and more!


Your formal networks consist of past and current employers, professional associations, community organizations, contacts from conferences, and other professional contacts. It is important to cultivate and maintain good relations with your formal contacts.

At Bucknell, your formal network includes professors, coaches, staff, and alumni. Bucknell has created opportunities for formal networking through its Bucknell Professional Networks, regional clubs, and Alumni Career Services programs.

Informational Interviewing

A structured way to begin networking is through an informational interview. This can be done at all stages of your career to gain information about new possibilities or new companies. Read more...