The first year after graduation is a very important year. Your son/daughter may go through a range of emotions from feeling a sense of great accomplishment to a sense of loss. It is common for graduates to NOT have a permanent position secured upon graduation. Industries recruit at various times of the year and in many various ways. The key is to keep your recent graduate motivated and encouraged.

Remind them that they have assistance through Alumni Career Services. This free program provides resources, counseling, and education to alumni of all ages to help them achieve career success. The program does not provide recruiting or placement assistance, but instead assists alumni in the following: clarifying career direction; identifying interests, values, and preferences; identifying and marketing transferable skills; using the internet in job and career exploration; effectively connecting with alumni and employers; finding a job in any economy; transitioning into a new career; improving and targeting resumes and cover letters; and planning for graduate or professional school.

The program includes the following elements:

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