Law School and Legal Education

  • Law School Admission Council
    The home page for the Law School Admission Council. Duplicative of information in the LSAT/LSDAS information booklet. Provides means for registering and ordering materials electronically. Also links you to all ABA approved law schools.
  • Access Group
    The diskette used by many institutions to determine eligibility for institutional financial aid can be ordered at this site. The Access Group is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing access to education through affordable financing. The organization was at one time related organizationally to LSAC.
  • Princeton Review
    Princeton Review's home page. Provides information on the prep course, allows you to order Princeton review publications, and links you to other useful sites.
  • Kaplan
    Kaplan provides information on the prep test.
  • U.S. News Law School Ranking
    Site of the famed US News ranking of law schools
  • Internet Legal Resource Guide
    The Internet Legal Resource Guide provides a guide to some 4000 websites. Probably the most comprehensive source of information on the internet concerning law and the legal profession.
  • American Bar Association Pre-Law guidelines
    The American Bar Association Pre-Law site has a statement on law school rankings and on Pre-Law preparation; it allows you to link to other useful sites including all of the ABA approved law schools and allows you to order ABA publications.
  • American Jurist
    The site of the student news magazine for the Washington College of Law of American University. Published six times a year.

The Legal Profession

  • American Bar Association
  • National Association of Law Placement
    The National Association of Law Placement contains information on legal career planning and recruitment. The organization collects annual data on the starting salary of first year associates.
  • Martindale Hubbell Law Directory
    The site of the Martindale Hubbell law directory. Contains listings for 900,000 lawyers worldwide by specialty and location. The site also links the user to law offices' home pages which typically provide information about the firm and the attorneys in the firm.
  • National Law Journal
    The site of the National Law Journal one of the two major national legal newspapers. Contains articles on recent cases, issues facing the legal profession, law schools, etc.
  • American Lawyer
    News site of the publisher of the American Lawyer and a number of regional legal publications. Contains articles on recent legal cases and issues facing the legal profession.
  • National Jurist
    A magazine for law students which often has information of interest regarding the legal profession. The site also contains the results of the National Jurist's ranking of law schools according to student satisfaction.