1. Will applications be accepted after the deadline?

No, all applications must be submitted through the online application by the stated deadline

2. Can I submit my application if I do not have the letter from my host organization?

We encourage students to make every effort to get the host organization form in on time. Occasionally, students are unable to get the host form returned to them for submission with their application by the application deadline. If this happens, please take the following steps.
(1) Notify the BPIP director in writing via email (bpip@bucknell.edu) by the application deadline that the form will be late. Put “BPIP Organization Form – Applicant Name” in the email subject line, and provide the reason why the form is late. Once you have the form, it must be submitted directly to the BPIP director as an email attachment (the online application will not allow you to submit a late document). Late Organization Forms will not be accepted more than one week past the application deadline.
(2) To recognize the missing document in your online application and to “hold” its spot, please make a copy of the email to the BPIP director notifying that the Organization Form will be late and upload a copy of that email in the Organization Form slot on the online application.
(3) Organization form letters will not be accepted later than one week after the application deadline. There are no exceptions.

3. What are the 2 steps to uploading my resume on the Bridge to complete my BPIP Fund application?

Besides the online application, students need to apply to the BPIP Internship Fund on The Bridge. Follow these 2 easy steps.
1. Upload your resume. (Go to the Documents tab on the Bridge, select “upload a document.” Select the radio button for resume, select “Next.” Browse for the resume you want to upload and select “upload.” You will receive a confirmation page.)
2. Apply to the BPIP Internship Fund. (Go to the Bridge Calendar tab, select “Career Center Calendar, select application date, select BPIP Internship Fund application deadline, scroll to bottom of page, select apply, upload your resume only, hit submit, you will receive a confirmation page.)

4. If I have been awarded the BPIP Internship Fund in the past, can I apply this year?

Past Internship Fund recipients may reapply, however it is important to note that the BPIP Internship Fund Selection Committee looks at the entire applicant pool and will not compare the applicant pool to past years. Each applicant will be on a level playing field. Lastly, there are no guarantees that internships which were supported in the past will be supported this year.

5. If I am studying off-campus during the spring semester, can I apply?

Yes, students studying off-campus during the spring semester may apply. All active Bucknell students have user names and passwords to the BRIDGE which can be accessed from any internet connection. Arrangements will be made for students studying off-campus and not able to be meet with the Selection Committee.

6. After the committee announces the recipients, is there anything I can do if I am not selected?

All decisions are final. We ask that you be respectful of the Selection Committee’s decisions.

7. Will I still be eligible for the Internship Fund if I only secure a part-time internship?

No, students must secure a full-time internship (ranging from 30-40 hours/week), lasting a minimum of 8 weeks (not including vacation), preferably 10-12 weeks. However the BPIP Internship Fund Selection Committee will consider applicants who secure 2 part-time internships (working 15-20 hours per week at each location).

8. How much is the Internship Fund?

Each Internship Fund is $3,000.

9. How many funds are available?

The number of funds available is not known at this time. The BPIP Program Director will provide this information closer to the interviews. Note that this program is fully funded by Bucknell alumni, parents and friends.

10. How do I log onto the Bridge?

Each Bucknell student has an account on the Bridge. To login, simply enter your username (bison and your BU ID#, example: bison12345678) and your initial password is: bison. You can also login directly from the "My Career Center" gadget in myBucknell.