• All internships must be a minimum of 8 weeks of full-time (30-40 hrs/wk) work during the summer break. The ideal length is 10-12 weeks (full-time, 30-40 hrs/wk). Students who secure 2 part-time internships must work 15-20 hours per week at each location. This will allow students to gain the most experience from their summer opportunity - two separate applications are required for two part-time internships. Please Note: The weeks noted in your application qualifying for internship fund eligibility should not be inclusive of time scheduled for vacation; the minimum requirement is 8 weeks not including any vacation.
  • BPIP Internship Fund eligible organizations must be a nonprofit (501(c)3) or public service organization or government office. (Examples of funded internships within the U.S. have been with organizations that have URLs ending in .org, .edu, gov, or .us.)
  • The internship must be unpaid and students may not receive academic credit. (International students are exempted from this requirement per visa requirements if they have an internship within the U.S. Please contact the BPIP director if this applies to you.)
  • The BPIP Internship Fund Selection Committee will not consider internships with organizations that promote one particular religion or political affiliation to the exclusion of others.
  • The application process requires that the applicant secure a commitment from an organization that is willing to sponsor him/her as an intern prior to knowing whether or not he/she will be funded. Please speak with the appropriate person at the organization and explain the BPIP Internship Fund program and timeline (see below). Notification of the Selection Committee’s decisions will be communicated to students via email as identified in the timeline below. Because of the tight deadline as the end of the semester approaches, students must let BPIP Director know within 2-3 days whether or not they accept the funding. 
  • Fundraising - The BPIP Internship Fund Selection Committee sees the benefit of supporting students who are interested in working with nonprofit organizations in their fundraising efforts if the students’ responsibilities would be educational and give students experience in grant writing. The committee DOES NOT support internship opportunities that require door-to-door solicitation.
  • Political fundraising or campaigning - The committee DOES NOT support political fundraising or door-to-door campaigning.
  • Internships on Capitol Hill are NOT considered for this program. (Students interested in Capitol Hill internships should apply to Bucknell’s Capitol Hill Internship Program, which has a deadline in late November / early December of the first semester. If you have questions, please contact Marilyn Shull, mshull@bucknell.edu. Numerous information sessions are offered during the fall semester.)
  • Past BPIP Internship Fund recipients may reapply. The BPIP Internship Fund Selection Committee looks at the entire applicant pool fresh each year and does not compare the applicant pool to past years. The application process is merit-based, with each applicant viewed as being on a level playing field. This extends to organizations, as well. Organizations where past internship fund recipients interned are not favored over another organization. Selection is based on the merit of each application.

Recipient Responsibilities

If selected into the program, recipients must meet the following requirements:

  • Send a thank you letter to the donor(s) of the Internship Fund (donor contact information will be provided).
  • Attend an annual BPIP Internship Fund celebration in the fall.
  • Communicate regularly and in a timely manner during the summer with their assigned BPIP alumni mentor (mentor contact information will be provided).
  • Inform the BPIP director immediately of any changes with internship status.
  • Complete BPIP Internship Fund surveys and evaluations in a timely manner.
  • Assist with getting the word out about the BPIP Internship Fund to the campus community during the next academic year.

Optional opportunity for internship fund recipients:

  • Have a professional poster made of your experience! With permission from your internship supervisor, take pictures of your summer internship experience (we recommend you use a high resolution setting on your digital camera), submit digital files to Marilyn Shull by September 1, along with quotes about your experience, and Bucknell's Print Department will make a poster highlighting your summer experience. The posters will be displayed at the BPIP celebration event.
  • You will also receive a full size color copy of poster, as well as a digital file.