Employer: UCLA Medical School, Encino, CA

Internship Sponsor: BPIP Laura Kinney '81 & Arthur Maidman Internship Fund

Patrick Caloz '13 Hometown: Calabasas, CA
Campus Activities: CALVIN & HOBBES, Writers of Rohan, Theta Chi, Chess club, Orchestra CHOICE substance-free living
Goals: Become a doctor (of medicine), become very good at cello
Hobbies: Jogging around Lewisburg, swimming in the pool, playing cello, video gaming

My Experience:

I interned in Encino, a city in California near Los Angeles. Specifically, I was in the office/clinic of my surgeon mentor, as well as in the local surgery center about twice a week.

My sole responsibility was to shadow my orthopedic surgeon mentor and learn as much as I could. Obviously, being untrained, I was not allowed to administer shots or perform surgery on his patients! I suppose my title was "Temporary Assistant", because I helped a bit with menial tasks, office paperwork (which helped me learn about how his office works), or medical device set-up.

What is the most interesting or important thing you took from your Internship this summer?

I've learned that I would enjoy the life of some types of doctors. With this experience under my belt, I finally know that going to medical school is a real possibility for the direction of my life. I know I wouldn't be unhappy seeing patients every day. I don't think I'll be an orthopedist, or maybe not a surgeon, but I feel a discipline like Internal Medicine is quite appealing.

How did the BPIP Fund help make your experience possible?

I was pretty sure I needed a job this summer. Income was a bit of a problem for me. When a great opportunity popped up for me, I really wanted to take it but felt guilty not having a paying job. BPIP swooped in and made my experience perfect.

It also helped me organize my experience by imposing duration guidelines, measures of reporting, etc.

Why would you recommend the BPIP Fund?

BPIP is like being compensated monetarily for a non-paying job that will truly assist you towards your desired future. BPIP takes an opportunity, and transforms it into a fantastic, worry-free experience.

Other comments:

Working with a top orthopedist, both in the clinic and the operating room, drove one idea into my brain: being a doctor is awesome. I truly learned more than I expected. My passion for medicine has been renewed!