Anna Jones '16Externship Host: MaryAnn Colucci '87, School Psychologist, Jericho Public Schools
Externship Location: Jericho, NY
Hometown: Richmond, VA
Major: psychology
On Campus Activities: Scholarship chair for Alpha Delta Pi, Bucknellian Writer, Peer Writing Consultant at the Writing Center
Career/Life Goals: to be a psychologist

My Externship experience:
I observed a school psychologist for two days. During my externship, I watched my host test students for learning disabilities and attention disorders, participate in team meetings with students' teachers and other therapists, and interact with children during therapy sessions.

How did this Externship help you make decisions about your future career?
This experience solidified that psychology is the field I'd like to pursue. However, I realized that the testing aspect of school psychology doesn't appeal to me. I'd like to have more one on one experience with older teens rather than interacting with groups of elementary school children. Regardless, I do want to work in the psychological field.

What skills did you gain from this experience?
I learned that teamwork and cooperation are necessary skills for school psychologists in order to work with other teachers and therapists to create a comprehensive educational plan for each child.  I also learned some techniques for dealing with children with learning disabilities or attention disorders, which was great.