Erin Schuler '15Externship Host: Margot Vaughan, SVP/Group Head, MasterCard Advisors Managed Services
Externship Location: Purchase, NY
Hometown: Wilmington, DE
Major: neuroscience
On Campus Activities: ADPi - Scholarship Committee member, Undergraduate research assistant in biology department, Student Assistant at EH&S Office (campus job)
Career/Life Goals: I previously wanted to be a Physician's Assistant, but I am now interested in exploring the world of business

My Externship experience:
During my externship, I spent three days at MasterCard Advisors learning about the three different sub-departments; consulting, analytics, and managed services. I was able to sit in on meetings and attend presentations that the employers had planned specifically for the externs to educate us on their careers and responsibilities. In addition to shadowing professionals, I was also able to ask questions to people in each department. Later, we met with MasterCard's recently graduated employees, who provided valuable advice and related their experiences with the job search process to us. After my externship, I was even offered an internship position for the summer in the managed services department and happily accepted the offer.

How did this Externship help you make decisions about your future career?
My Externship showed me that there are careers outside of science which appeal to me. I gained a lot of knowledge about consulting, which is another career path I may consider. Thanks to my Externship, I learned about other positions that I previously didn't know existed which could be more personally rewarding. When I decided that I wanted to pursue a career outside of the medical field, I was concerned that I would be bored simply sitting in a cubicle. Witnessing the culture of the company was informative. I realized that an office environment can actually be fun and exciting.

What advice did your Externship Host give?
The recent hires that I spoke to provided me with a lot of advice about interviews, which was extremely helpful. I learned that consulting interviews are very unique, and there is a certain set of questions that you are asked. Others also advised me on the value of networking, how to make a good impression and the importance of arriving early and leaving late in order to succeed in the business world.