Katherine Blumin '16Externship Host: Sarah Mohl '09, Speech-Language Pathologist, Montgomery County Public Schools
Externship Location: Germantown, MD
Hometown: Cold Spring Harbor, NY
Major: double major in linguistics and education
On Campus Activities: Bucknell Buddies, Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority
Career/Life Goals: To become a successful speech pathologist.

My Externship experience:
I completed my externship with Sarah Mohl, a speech-language pathologist from Maryland. She works in an elementary school, so I had the chance to work with grades two through five. I observed Ms. Mohl while she performed daily tasks such as responding to parents' e-mails, teaching students how to form sounds and construct correct syntax, giving language assessments, and writing up evaluations. I watched as Ms. Mohl worked patiently with the children and I witnessed the students improving even just throughout the day.

How did this Externship help you make decisions about your future career?
This Externship was an amazing experience that helped me decide that speech pathology is definitely the right path for me. As I watched Ms. Mohl throughout the day, I could envision myself pursuing the same exact career after Bucknell.

What skills did you gain from this experience?
My communication skills for this field have definitely improved since I observed Ms. Mohl during my Externship. While I was watching Ms. Mohl write one of the evaluations, I saw that she was using terms that I had just learned about in my linguistics class. I felt like we could speak our own foreign language and I was able to easily and intelligently talk about the speech error that she was assessing the child on. That was the first time that I was able to use my classroom knowledge outside of Bucknell, and realized that all of my hard work was paying off.