Lara Murray '16Externship Host: Dr. Thomas Spitzer '70, Physician/Director of Bone Marrow Transplant Unit Massachusetts General Hospital
Externship Location: Boston, MA
Hometown: Hopkinton, MA
Major: biomedical engineering
On Campus Activities: Women's Club Soccer, SWE, 7th Street Performer
Career/Life Goals: Work in Boston in the Biomedical Field

My Externship experience:
During my externship with Mass General Hospital, I was able to shadow Dr. Spitzer throughout the day as he met with several patients who had previously undergone a bone marrow transplant.  He performed a routine checkup and asked them various questions about their current wellbeing to ensure that their cancer was still in remission.

How did this Externship help you make decisions about your future career?
I hadn't thought much about pursuing medical school after graduation. This experience helped me to realize that I wasn't interested in pursuing a degree in the medical field because of how difficult the line of work could be.  I realized that it takes a very strong person to be a doctor-- and I realized that it wasn't something that I could do after school.  However, the work environment at Mass General really impressed me, and I would like to be involved in some way, so I'm going to continue my studies of Biomedical Engineering in the hopes that I can somehow contribute to the work that is done in hospitals such as Mass General.

What was something you took away from your Externship experience?
After seeing how personable Dr. Spitzer was with each of the patients, and how much they respected and looked up to him, I learned that there are many characteristics needed to earn the trust of one's patients.

What advice did your Externship Host give?
I asked Dr. Spitzer what decisions had led him to his current position, and he advised me to take advantage of as many real-world opportunities as possible to discover what line of work I truly love.