Polly Englot '16Externship Host: Derek Lombardi '10, Recruitment Manager, Teach for America
Externship Location: New York, NY
Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Major:  geography; double minor in Arabic and French
On Campus Activities: Orientation Assistant, intramural sports, club volleyball, member and former VP of DoRAK (Do Random Acts of Kindness Club), Speak UP Peer Educator, Kappa Alpha Theta.
Career/Life Goals: To make the world a better place. I could see myself performing humanitarian work, either with the UN or an NGO, or I might go to graduate school or apply for a program like TFA.

My Externship experience:
My externship was at Teach for America (TFA) at one of their main offices in New York City. My host, Derek Lombardi '10, is a recruitment manager with TFA who works with smaller colleges in the New York/Connecticut area. Derek showed me around the building and gave me an overview of what the organization does and how each of the different staff members contribute. I gained valuable insight about the TFA recruiting process. Derek had also arranged for me to meet with members of TFA's Development, Marketing, and New Sites team.

I gained a deeper understanding of how a service organization like TFA functions and works to grow and improve. It was impressive and inspiring to witness a work environment where young employees are given a variety of work spaces, freedom in determining their own methods for achieving organizational goals, and opportunities for personal development.

I had the chance to sit in on a book discussion led by Derek with other TFA employees on a book about the history of New York City's education systems. It was exciting to see a fellow Bucknellian excelling in his workplace and taking on a leadership role as well.

How did this Externship help you make decisions about your future career?
Before my Externship experience, I wasn't as willing to consider working domestically and I was unaware that the TFA had staff positions like the one Derek has. Now, I'm much more open to other post-graduate opportunities and more cognizant of how application-based programs like TFA could help me secure other jobs later on. I really appreciated meeting someone who took a career path that interests me and I'm glad that I can reach out to him as a resource for advice if I need it.