Tony DiFilippo '15Externship Host: Bruce Markert '81, Consulting Engineer, GE Aviation Systems - Unison Industries
Externship Location: Jacksonville, FL
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Class year: 2015
Major:  mechanical engineering

My Externship experience:
I had a great externship experience learning about ignition systems. I was able to experience a workplace where the products were both designed and manufactured in the same location. Not only did I meet with several mechanical engineers, but I also met with electrical, chemical and welding engineers as well, allowing me to gain different perspectives within the company. I also witnessed my classroom knowledge being applied in a real world setting. I observed laser-welding, vibration testing, and even a mock Preliminary Design Review

How did this Externship help you make decisions about your future career?
The experience definitely helped me decide what path I would like to pursue with my career. While I am still uncertain where the future will take me, I now have a much better understanding of the types of roles I like and dislike. In addition, I watched people from various departments cooperate closely with one another in order to work effectively. Finding a company culture with a comfortable working environment is really important.

What skills did you gain from this experience?
I learned how much effort it takes from many different people to design and produce something from scratch into a final product for the market. It is important to understand how each sector of the company works and to be able to communicate effectively with anyone in the company.