Internships offer the opportunity to combine classroom learning with practical, hands-on experience in the working world. Most internships offer an experience that allows students to learn about themselves, to learn about their fields of study and to solidify (or rethink) their career interests.

  1. Be there — Experiencing the work first-hand gives a better indication and insight into the characteristics of a job. Is it something you would really enjoy as a career?
  2. Make yourself marketable — When you are ready to seek full-time employment, employers prefer those with experience. Also, employers may feel more comfortable hiring those who have completed an internship in their company/organization. They have already seen your skills, competencies, potential, and knowledge first-hand.
  3. Put theory into practice — Having the ability to apply theories learned in class into real-world situations allows greater understanding of the theory.
  4. Investigate career goals — Internships are an opportunity for exploration and experimentation; they allow you to "test the waters" to determine what you would like to pursue or not pursue as a future career.
  5. Network — Internships provide opportunities to meet many people who may potentially help you in the long run. Developing contacts and keeping record of influential people you've interacted with and met at your internship may be helpful when seeking full-time employment.