Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get academic credit for my internship?

It is possible for sophomores, juniors and seniors to get 1.0 credits for non-traditional study (NTS) for Non-Paying Internship Experiences. There is also a 1/4 credit Non-Paying Internship Experience option; course number UNIV 1NT. This is normally done in summer and any student in good standing may apply for it. These credits usually count as electives, but there is also a (fairly rare) independent study course option that could count towards a student's major, if arranged as such with a faculty member. Most NTS experiences are for one credit and most are during the summer. The UNIV 1NT option is for ¼ credit. It is possible to obtain credit for internships during the year; however, if the internship requires you to be off campus, you would need to be eligible for a leave of absence from Bucknell.


What is the process for obtaining permission for a full credit course?

Students should begin the process at the Dean's office at their respective college (Arts & Sciences or Engineering). At that meeting, students will learn the process in more detail and may then seek a faculty sponsor. Once a student has found a faculty sponsor, the student develops a proposal that addresses what they will learn from the experience. Academic responsibilities should be built into the expectations and are determined with the faculty sponsor. The academic portion may include a daily reflective log/journal and a comprehensive paper. The academic expectations for the ¼ PNIE credit is less than for the standard 1 NTS credit. The Deans have final approval of the proposals.


What is the process for obtaining permission for the 1/4 credit course?

Log into myBucknell, choose Forms & Policies, select College of Arts & Sciences, click on Non-Paid Internships


How am I graded for the internship?

The grading for the full credit NTS option can be A-F scale or Pass/Fail and it must be determined in advance of the internship. Faculty take the evaluation seriously and evaluate the academic work the student has performed. The employer may be asked to fill out an evaluation of the student. The grading for the UNIV 1NT option is Pass/Fail only. The Associate Dean evaluates the academic work and supervisor evaluations.


How much does the credit cost?

2013 Costs: Non-traditional 1/4 credit summer internship is $369.25.  Full credit is $1,477.00.


Can I receive a salary/pay and credit?

Not if the credit is for non-traditional study or the 1/4 credit UNIV 1NT. Sometimes students are able to do a portion of their internship for academic credit and not be paid for that portion, but such exceptions must be approved by the Associate Dean in charge of the program. Exceptions have been made for ILTM (Institute for Leadership Technology Management) internships. Exceptions could also be made for students on F-1 visas. These students should see the Director of International Student Services.


My employer wants me to have the school sign a liability waiver. Does Bucknell do this?

No. Bucknell University won't sign a form that releases the employer from liability concerns.


My employer needs a letter that says I can obtain credit. Does Bucknell do this?

The Associate Dean can write a letter that explains that credit is possible. Students should request this letter by emailing a request to


Can I transfer credit from an internship that is sponsored by another institution?

There are several credited internships in approved semester-long programs and this credit can be transferred. Internship programs are available in Philadelphia, Washington DC, and in many foreign countries. Students should check with the Office of International Education to find out which internship programs are approved. If, however, the internship program is offered during the summer, students do not need to consult with the Office of International Education. They should follow procedures for course approval for summer school elsewhere. Forms are available in the Office of International Education. If there is any concern about credit being transferred, students should check with the Dean and/or the Registrar's office prior to accepting the internship.


What else do I need to know about obtaining credit?

  • The proposal process takes time and energy. As soon as students know they might be interested in obtaining credit, they should meet with the Dean of their college to get started. Certain times of the semester are worse than others for getting the Dean's approval (i.e. the last week of classes and the weeks after graduation before the Summer Registration deadline).
  • Summer Internships need to be registered through the Registrar's office prior to the week before summer school begins.
  • Credit must be approved prior to beginning the internship.
  • Students can talk to the Associate Dean of their respective college about NTS courses. An Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Sciences is in charge of the UNIV 1NT program for both the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering. Students do not need to wait until they have an internship to initiate this conversation.
  • A student may have up to two UNIV 1NT courses (0.50 credits total) count towards their degree. They may complete additional experiences and have those appear on their transcript, but the credits would extend beyond the 32 Bucknell credits needed for a degree.
  • Students participating in internship programs as part of a semester-long off-campus study program must pursue the internship for both credit and a grade.



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