Internship Title: Undergraduate Researcher
Employer and location: School of Management, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA.

Describe your duties:

Brandon Pinnock '13Working for the Director for the School of Management, my primary job was to work along with another student and various resources on campus to gather data for a BusinessWeek mock ranking of the top undergraduate Business schools in the country. The BusinessWeek ranks the schools based on different  numbers that ranges from Student to faculty ratio, Test scores such as ACT/SAT, preparation per week for the class and workload just to name a few of the categories. I was responsible for gathering these data as it related to Bucknell's School of Management.

What did you enjoy most about your internship?

The thing that I enjoyed the most about the internship was the opportunity that I received to work with lots of different people from around campus. This was a unique opportunity because I was able to build working relationships with numerous people around campus. I also really loved the fact that once I was given the details of the assignment I was able to work on my own to gather the data; I didn't have a boss over my head every day. I felt a little independent given I had the opportunity to figure out my plan of action and how I would contact the resources that I needed to work with.

What did you enjoy least about your internship? What was the most difficult aspect of the internship?

My least favorite part of the internship is something that I understood is something that came with the job of doing research: I could only work to the pace that I received data from my resources.  It was the most difficult but it is something that I understood the reason for it, so I was not discouraged as a result of this minor problem.

How did your experience at Bucknell prepare you for your internship?  How did your internship prepare you for a career?

My experience at Bucknell prepared me very well for this internship because of the skills that I have developed in the classroom. As a Management student at Bucknell, the skills of doing research and working in groups with a deadline is something that I have done numerous times. Working in a group on different projects is something that I do in most of the required classes. The internship prepared me for my career in the sense that I know how to handle myself in a professional environment. In addition to that, I have also learned how to work with someone in a different department or team. This summer also prepared me for some of the challenges that I may face when working with someone in a different department or team.

What recommendations do you have for other students considering doing an internship?

An internship is something that I would recommend to any student. It is something that should be done just to gain more experience in a professional setting and also to see if that is the career path that you want to pursue in the future.