Successfully securing an offer can make you both excited and relieved. After the initial excitement, you may begin to wonder if this is the right job to accept. Here are some things to consider to help you sort through those feelings and effectively evaluate an offer:

Job Factors to Consider:

  • Location
  • Significant Other's Career
  • Travel
  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Training/Use of Experience
  • Learning Potential
  • Significant Responsibility
  • Variety of Responsibility
  • Job Status
  • Independence
  • Creativity
  • Skill Transferability
  • Advancement Potential
  • Company Image
  • Quality of Management
  • Industry Growth

Comprehensive knowledge of the job offer is critical to good decision making. Weigh the importance of each factor to you by asking yourself, "is this important to me?" Rank order the factors with 1 being most important and 17 being least important. Do this for each employment offer extended to you and see which offer begins to be rise to the top of the list.

Survivability Issues: Can you afford to live on the offered salary? Prior to getting into serious money discussion, you need to determine what it is going to take for you financially to survive. Below you'll find a table designed to begin researching cost of living issues and other things to consider when determining the type of figure you need to be comfortable with in negotiating an offer:

SALARY: ____________/12 (months) =________________
MGI (monthly gross income)

MGI: ______________ X .75 = ________________________
(monthly after tax income)



monthly after tax income____________________
other income ____________________________

Total Credits = _________________________


rent/mortgage __________________________
car payment ___________________________
insurance payment(s _____________________
food _________________________________
utilities/telephone ________________________
credit card payments _____________________
loans _________________________________
transportation costs ______________________
clothes, etc. ____________________________
savings ________________________________
other _________________________________

Sub Total = ___________________________

Add 15% for emergency __________________

Total Debits = _________________________

Balance = _____________________________

How does it look? Are you satisfied with the balance figure? If not, what figures need to be or can be altered to be happy?