Site visits and offers of employment are the next steps you'll encounter in your search for full-time employment. A second interview is typically held at the employer's site. Travel arrangements will be a part of your planning. Make sure you take care of a few important matters as you prepare for your upcoming site interviews:

  • Have in writing your complete travel arrangements and accommodations if you'll be staying overnight. This includes dates, times, flight numbers (if flying), exit numbers (if driving), meeting locations and appropriate phone numbers.
  • Request a map or detailed description of how to get to your destination. This may be extremely helpful as you find your way around an unfamiliar city.
  • Ask for an agenda showing a complete schedule of your activities, ideally with names and titles of whom you will be meeting.
  • Make sure you confirm how expenses should be handled, including what types of documentation you must provide the employer for reimbursement.

Things to Evaluate when Interviewing On-Site:

Work environment goes beyond the physical aspects of an office or plant. It also includes the people who work there and the organization's culture and values. Here are some things to pay attention to during your on-site interview that may help you to determine if this opportunity is the right one for you:

  • Do the people seem happy? Are they smiling and laughing? Are they enthusiastic about their work? About the organization?
  • Are employees friendly to one another? Are people acknowledging one another as they pass in the hall? Do they seem helpful to one another?
  • Do you feel welcome? Were you acknowledged when you entered the workplace? Are people rushing around in a hectic manner?
  • Are people eating lunch at their desks? Are employees able to personalize their work space? Does this seem like a good place for you to work?
  • As one of your questions to the people with whom you meet, ask what they like best about the company, what was the biggest surprise about their work, what they think is most important about what they do and/or questions that help you find out if the environment is a good match for you.