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Dear Ms./Mr._____________________:

Your opening paragraph should arouse interest on the part of the reader. Introduce yourself. Tell him/her why you are writing the letter. Give information which shows your specific interest in his/her company. If you are being referred by someone, here is where you would name drop.

The body of your letter should create interest. Give details of your background which shows the reader why he/she should consider you for employment. Be as specific as possible as to the kind of position you are seeking. Highlight your skills and interests and try to increase the employer's desire to speak with you in person.

Refer the reader to your enclosed resume or other materials. Expand upon the data given in your resume but keep it brief and interesting.

In your closing paragraph you ask for action. Request an interview and suggest a time when you will be free. Often students will indicate they will call to arrange a mutually convenient time. Keep in mind if you indicate this, be sure to follow through.



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